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Smart Films is the first film festival conducted through mobile devices in Colombia. The festival is the first of its kind in Colombia and its format is unique in the world.


One of the purposes of this festival is to put cinema at everyone’s fingertips. A cinema democratization labor through technology, which is enhanced by the creativity, resourcefulness and innovation of present and future generations of creators.


In 2015 the first version was performed and the results obtained are: 704 short films, and over 3500 participants from 17 countries.


The call is open now for Smart Films 2016 until 15 June.




Smart Films is governed by the digital protocols where the main stars are the creation and dissemination of film content. Participants will make their film projects with smart phones and / or tablets or mobile devices, and they will send them through the channels and platforms arranged by the festival and participate.


For four days the world of film, television, and digital technology will be together on a fair market for all kind of people. We will have artists (singers, actors, musicians ...) performing and special guests making lectures as well.





Within the festival, the finalists will exhibit and publicize their projects for four days. This event will be held from 22 to 25 August 2016


The finalists will gain prominence and in addition to the previous diffusion process it will be in a great show where all the public will see their creations; there will be forums, talks, events and awards.

Every person involved with film, education, innovation, advertising and technology will be gathered to engage in marketing trends and digital broadcasting in order to support the growth of new cinematographic languages


To learn more about Smart Films 2016 download our brief.


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