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Your short film must have a maximum duration of 5 minutes including credits.

You have several options to enviar your short film, you can load it in the platform of Smart Films since February 1st until June 15th, and the delivery options are: through Wetransfer to the email of your category:

• You can suscribe and enviar it through MoviBeta
• By certificate mail to the Smart Films offices Carrera 33a # 31 - 42 of: 201 – Bogotá – Colombia.

Yes, they can participate, the same terms and conditions apply for the national short films and the foreign short films.

Sure, they can, actually, the winner of the best soundtrack on the first version is foreign.

You must enter at and at the home page look for the category to which you belong, there you must read the terms and conditions, fill out the form with your short film and accept the terms.

No, in the page you can read the conditions for each of the categories. Review them carefully and you will know which category you belong to, you can only enter in one category.

The Making Of must be sent in H264 (.MP4) format and you must attach pictures to check that your film was made 100% with smartphones.

There are no limits on the edition, but remember your short film has to be made 100% with a cellular phone.

You can use any kind of Smartphone or tablet, in Smart Films the important is the creativity and the good stories.

The copy of a work or part of it is called Plagiarism; any hint of plagiarism disqualifies participants. On the other hand, they will be disqualified short films with sexual content or explicit attempt against the integrity of an individual or entity.

You can participate with as many as you want, there are no limits, but you can only participate in one single category.

From February 1st until June 15th don't leave everything to the last and start enviaring your short film now.

• 10% to short films involving people of all ethnicities within its production team. (Indigenous Communities, Afros, Black, Raizal, Palenqueros, ROM or Gypsies)
• 10% to those who include the brand* (logo, slogans or concepts) sponsoring the category.
• 10% to the audience votes, it will be able to vote on the digital platform designed by Smart Films.
• 70% to the vote of the jury.

• The winner of the Professional category will be paid THIRTY -FIVE MILLION PESOS ($ 35,000,000) or its equivalent in dollars.
• The winner of the Amateur category will be paid TWENTY – FIVE MILLION PESOS ($25.000.000) or its equivalent in dollars.
• The winner of the SmarTIC inclusive category will be paid TWENTY – FIVE MILLION PESOS ($25.000.000) or its equivalent in dollars.
• The winner of the Youth category will be paid FOURTEEN MILLION PESOS ($14.000.000) IN PRIZES.
• The winner of the Child/Family category will be paid TWELVE MILLION PESOS ($12.000.000) IN PRIZES.

The festival will be held from 22 to 25 August 2016 in Bogotá. The official venue will be at the Titan Square Mall.

The music must be original or copyright free. On the Internet you can find several digital libraries with permission Creative Commons. Remember that you can not use songs by renowned artists.

The sound can be external, not necessarily have to be linked to a mobile device or a tablet, the important thing is that the images and videos are captured with a Smartphone or Tablet.


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