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Film: For "original film", we understand your participation in Smart Films – Film Festival Made with Cellular Phones, the entire production that has not been commercialized, and has been made with one or more Smartphone (and / or tablets)


MAXIMUN LENGTH:5 MINUTES (credits included).

A short film must be registered only in one category of the festival, but the participants can participate with the number of short films they want..

Children/Family: (Kids from 5 to 12 years, and their family nucleus)
Directed to audiovisual projects made with one or more Smartphone, fiction or documentary or any other genre, in which the director or producer is a child between 5 and 12 years old and whose idea endorse his family; that is to say; his team of preproduction, production and post- production can be composed of parents, siblings, cousins , uncles, etc ... as long as the original idea of the child is preserved.
Youth: (13 years old to 17 years old)
Directed to audiovisual projects made with one or more Smartphone, fiction or documentary or any other genre, in which the director or producer is a young person between 13 and 17 years old.
Amateur: (18 years and older)
Directed to audiovisual projects made with one or more Smartphone, fiction or documentary or any other genre, in which the director or producer is 18 years or older. This category is designed for amateur filmmakers of all ages (adults) who want to tell stories under their own standards and concepts of realization. Contestants are free to implement projects under any idea and translate them to any audiovisual language.
Professional: (filmmakers)
Directed to audiovisual projects made with one or more Smartphone, fiction or documentary or any other genre, in which the team (director, producer, actor, writer, etc.) is older than 18 years. This category is composed of filmmakers, who have pedagogical tools or techniques for professional audiovisual projects and also have film concepts that contribute to the expansion of the film spectrum through technology Information and Communication - TIC. The participant in this category recognizes that his short film will be evaluate by aspects such as: director of photography , acting, animation, art , soundtrack, directing, editing , script, makeup, costumes and other inherent aspects that gives the short film a professional quality.
SmarTIC Inclusive
Category directed to Colombian people; directors, producers or amateurs with any kind of disability without restriction of age, who are interested in showing their talent, from their perspective to see and understand cinema, and want to tell stories under their own standards and concepts of realization. Using smart mobile devices (phones or tablets) in any of the following genres: fiction, documentary, drama, comedy, experimental and / or musical, etc... For the valid recognition of the participation in this category, who performs and records the audiovisual piece (short film) must be a person with a disability. The participant in this category recognizes that the main issues that will be evaluated in his short film are: history, narrative and creativity. Every person with disabilities that considers of his particular interest to participate in any of the other categories of the Festival may enroll in these, understanding and meeting the conditions and requirements set for them. The participant who enrolls his short film must do it only in one of the categories of the Festival, if it is registered in the category SmarTIC Inclusive it won´t be able to participate in any other categories and vice versa.

(They are mandatory for all categories mentioned above)
1. Registration form.
2. If the film is made in a language other than Spanish, it must contain the translation into Latin America Spanish
3. TERMS, CONDITIONS AND ACCEPTANCES Commitment duly completed accepting the terms and conditions by the participant. The projects presented with an incomplete form, without the terms, clauses and conditions acceptance, and those that do not specify in which category are participating, WILL NOT be accepted. The following items are mandatory:

• Attach Synopsis: description of the film, maximum one page double spaced
• Attach the film in a H264format file (.MP4)
• Attach sheet film
• Attach the "making of" file, or behind the scenes, to check 1) that your short film was made and produced with a Smartphone (phones or tablets) and 2) for those who participate in the SmarTIC inclusive category, that in your short film is confirmed the participation in the realization, production, direction of person with any kind of disability. The "making of" or behind the scenes has to be enviar in a H264 format file (.MP4). Also, the competitor must enviar pictures, as part of the behind the scenes.

4. Valencia ProduccionesFX SAS, It reserves the right to change the terms and conditions.
5. Failure to comply any of the above points will disqualify the participant from other phases of the festival.

1. PHASE ONE: The organizer will determine a surveillance and control committee that will verify that all participants comply and accept the requirements, conditions and terms established for Smart Films.
2. PHASE TWO: The films that have accepted the legal terms and conditions will pass to a committee where the curatorship of the films will be made, verifying that they comply with the contents accepted in the Colombian legal framework. Pornography, child pornography, animal abuse, Snaff videos and anything that violates the integrity of living beings, will not be admitted by the festival.
3. PHASE THREE: The films that have passed phase one and two, will be evaluated by a curatorial committee elected by Smart Films, whose mission is to choose the finalists who will pass to phase four : "Phase of Evolution "
4. PHASE FOUR: The films that have passed the previous stages will enter the "evolution phase": In this phase the following percentage points are enabled:

10% to short films involving people of all ethnicities within its production team. (Indigenous Communities, Afros, Black, Raizal, Palenqueros, ROM or Gypsies) Note: This will be confirmed with the behind the scenes and the information provided in the forms
10% to those who include the brand* (logo, slogans or concepts) sponsoring the category. Note: This percentage points will only be considered in those Films that make GOOD USE of the sponsor brand in each category.
* Sponsoring brands categories:
Children/Family: N/A
Youth: Mr.Brown
Amateur: 4G Móviles ETB
SMARTIC INCLUSIVE: Ministerio TIC y Vive Digital.
10% to the audience votes, it will be able to vote on the digital platform designed by Smart Films.
70% to the vote of the jury.

The result
All phases will be notified officially through the Smart Films page The result of the fourth phase, since it is the final and will give us the only winners will be revealed at the awards ceremony of the festival. The names of the winners may be published in all media and in any medium printed in perpetuity in time and space.
The winners must confirm their acceptance to the organizer of the prize or prizes via email. If the organizer does not receive confirmation from the winning participants within a period of one month from the date of notification; immediately the prize will be giving to an alternate, who will be in the order subsequent rating category. The organizer and its agents, affiliates and / or representatives will make every attempt to contact the winning participants, but will not be responsible in any way, if they could not be contacted by telephone or by the email provided within the period of a calendar month after the selection is made.
All decisions of the organizer shall be final and irrevocable.
Prizes may not be transferred, negotiated, refunded, paid in cash, exchanged or claimed by third parties. Prizes will only be given to third parties with written authorization, signed and authenticated by the successful bidder.
Employees and partners of SAS Valencia FX Productions, organizer of the Smart Films; or juries qualifiers in any of the categories of the festival, or relatives having first degree of consanguinity, may not participate.

1. If the film is not from the person who presented it, it will face the penalties provided for under Colombian law.
Copyrights are a set of laws that protect the authorship of literary and artistic works.
Intellectual property is the name given to the legal protection of all creation talent or human ingenuity, in the scientific, literary, artistic, industrial or commercial area.
The protection that the Colombian law grants to copyright is made on all the ways ideas can be expressed.
The copy of a work or part of it has been called plagiarism and is part of the copyright violations. In Colombia this is a crime and is covered by the legal regulations of Colombia.
2. The decisions of the Jury and organizer of Smart Films - Film Festival Made with Cellular Phones, are final and cannot be appealed or claimed.
3. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify and / or exclude from Smart Films those participants who have directly or indirectly altered, breached or violated the rules set in this Regulation or commit acts that are contrary to the spirit of creativity, competitiveness and decorum. (This includes counterfeiting in behind the scenes and falsehood in any of the forms of the festival )


Announcement form Smart Films 2016


How did you hear about festival:




Category in which you participate *


Participant performing data registration:

Name of the participate*


ID type*:


ID number*




Phone /Mobile


E mail


Social Network




If you participate in the categories: Child – youth or SmarTIC inclusive (under 18) you must submit the information of the legal representative of the participant


Information of the representative of the participant that is enrolling:


Name of representative:*


ID number*


ID number*




Phone /Mobile




Social network




Enroll your movie


Name of the movie*


Genre of the movie: *




Lenght – Credits included


Synopsis*: (a brief description of maximum one page)


Country of production *


City of production *


Department/State of production *


Smartphone references used *


Name and participants work performed within their team of preproduction, production and post-production *

Writer: E-mail:
Producer: E-mail:
Director: E-mail:
Actors: E-mail:
Art: E-mail:
Photography: E-mail:
Editors: E-mail:
Plotters: E-mail:
Animators: E-mail:
Musicians: E-mail:
Other: E-mail:


Total number of people on the team.


Total number of days in the process of realization (Pre-pro y post production)*


Does your short have Etnias included? (Indigenous communities, Afros, Black, Raizal, Palenqueros, ROM or Gipsies) on the team?


If your answer is yes, describe how was the process, the name and role of the person in the production.


¿Does your short film includes some of our sponsoring brands?


If your answer is yes, tell which brand.


En que minuto


Attach making of files
you can attach a file.



I Declare I am 18 years old


I have read and accept the terms and condictions and the data protection policy


Note: As you complete the form, accept the terms, conditions and data protection policy and clicking Submit you will be redirected to shipping methods offered by the festival. You are very close to finishing your registration.


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